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Ashley Wyrick

Click here to watch Ashley Wyrick's short video testimonial about what she loves most about being an EmpowerFIT member. Ashley started as a San Mateo camper in September 2015 as a limited member. After 2 months she upgraded to an unlimited membership since she loves boot camp and wanted to attend more than 2 day a week! We are so proud to have her as a loyal and dedicated camper. Her fitness journey with EmpowerFIT is very inspiring!

Debbie Thomas

I have been attending EmpowerFIT boot camp with Coach Kelly Scott for over 11 years.

I love the early morning outdoor workouts and Kelly’s great exercise programming. She keeps it challenging and interesting — it is different every day and after 11 years, I am never bored and look forward to starting every day with Kelly and my friends at boot camp.

I have had my ups and downs with injuries, weight gain and life events during the time I have been an EmpowerFIT boot camp member. EmpowerFIT has always been a constant, stabilizing influence during difficult times in my work and personal life. During the past year, I lost almost 45 lbs by following a weight loss program, in which I incorporated Shakeology on a daily basis, with EmpowerFIT boot camp as my daily exercise regimen.

Beginning the day with an EmpowerFIT workout and then Shakeology for breakfast gave me a great start to a healthy day and helped me to stay on track during my weight loss program. I feel better today than I have in years and I credit a large part of that to Kelly’s EmpowerFIT program.

Before and After Image of EmpowerFIT Member Debbie Thomas

Jenn Cuthill

Somewhere after turning 40, between working full‐time and running around with my two kids, I managed to pack on 35 pounds. My wake‐up call was when I got on the scale and realized I weighed as much as I did when I gave birth to my first child! How did that happen? On my own I stopped and started different exercise regimens and eating plans (Paleo! Weight Watchers!). Through all of that, I only managed to lose and gain the same 5 pounds for 18 months.

I clearly needed a different solution. I had done a boot camp several years back that was challenging but fun, so I found EmpowerFIT and gave it a shot. It was love at first class! Coach Larissa was so supportive and motivating that even though I was definitely not as fit as many of the other campers, I wanted to stick with it. When I eventually met the other coaches, I got the same level of support and motivation. Even though boot camp is at 5:30 am, it’s easy to get out of bed, knowing there will be an awesome coach ready to go with a challenging workout. And the more I go, the stronger and more confident I get.

A few months into boot camp I changed my approach to food through the 21 Day Fix, Shakeology, and online accountability groups with Coach Kelly. The 21 Day Fix isn’t rocket science, but it is an easy to follow way to manage your portions and eat clean. By adding Shakeology into my daily routine, I was able to stay focused and see great results. My worst time is in the afternoon between lunch and dinner. I get so hungry that snacks don’t usually cut it, and I end up eating food I shouldn’t. Shakeology is really filling and is the perfect food to get me through until dinner, even making sure I am not too hungry while cooking for my family.

Making all of these changes in my diet and exercise made a huge difference. I am way past the 5 pounds I struggled to lose before. After 6 months of EmpowerFIT and 2 months of the 21 Day Fix and Shakeology, I am now down 20 pounds and two pants sizes! I love how healthy and strong I am becoming ‐‐ I have so much more energy and I feel great.

Archana Ramachandra

I’ve been with EmpowerFIT since Sept 2015 and also working with Kelly as my Beachbody coach since Oct 2015. The boot camp is very engaging and different every day. Kelly is very creative in creating new work outs and themes each week. It is quite challenging and Kelly makes sure to show easy, intermediate, and hard options for each type of workout so you can push yourself to the next level as and when you feel comfortable. The boot camp is early in the morning, so it helps me get through the work out first thing and gives me more energy throughout the day for other activities. I am also able to set a good fitness routine since I love the boot camp so much!

In addition to the boot camp, I also enrolled in online challenge which helps me with eating healthy, think about what I want to achieve, commit to it, and be more focused and motivated to achieve my goals. I started drinking Shakeology from the time I joined boot camp. It has been a great meal replacement for me (you can also have it in between meals). I used to crave for chocolates a lot, but now I don’t crave for it anymore as I have chocolate flavored Shakeology every day in the morning. I love the taste of the drink and have no problems having it every day.

When I started with boot camp and online challenges, I did not expect to follow through and meet my goals. I tried personal training and other group fitness activities before, but was never able to stick to it. EmpowerFIT boot camp is very different and I’ve been enjoying waking up everyday in the morning and working out. In less than 5 months, I lost close to 20 pounds and dropped 2 jean sizes. I feel more active, healthier, and feel a lot more confident now. I really love this boot camp and Kelly has helped me through each step of my goal very well. Thanks Kelly & EmpowerFIT!!

Helen Shanks, Palo Alto

At the beginning of this month I celebrated 2 years being a regular member of bootcamp. It's been an amazing journey getting into shape, and so much more fun than I ever expected. Larissa is an amazing coach who "gets" us crazy Palo Alto people. She creates great workouts that build strength and stamina, and always has a fun way of keeping us motivated. It's hard to find time to exercise regularly when you teach full time and are raising teens, but this program keeps me going back, and I feel so much better for it. From the wonderful conversations and quips with my fellow campers while running around the track, to our raucous evenings out, this has been an awesome fit for me.

Brenna C., San Carlos

I joined EmpowerFIT almost 2 years ago. I love working out outdoors rain or shine, with a group of people. Other people make me work harder and keep me motivated- I could never do it on my own.

My biggest achievement since joining bootcamp has been that I am actually sticking with it, which has been really good for me. I am definitely stronger and know many more ways to mix exercise up.

You always leave feeling good about yourself and your hard work. One piece of advice I would give to a newcomer, is that you just have to commit and tailor it to your needs. I only do 2x per week and that works for my life.

Bootcamp has been so much fun!

Sara K., San Mateo

I started coming to EmpowerFIT Boot Camp in April 2016 -- just about 2 months ago. I was hooked at the first class! I had been struggling to find an exercise routine that fit into my schedule and that I could stick to. My children wake up around 6:30am and I am committed to being a part of their mornings. I also work full-time. I was really having a hard time motivating myself to go to the gym before the morning routine started or fit in a workout later in the day. After many false-starts with other workout efforts, my husband said, "why don't you look for a boot camp?" One evening, I starting searching for something that started in the early morning and looked like it included a committed group of people. I knew from past experiences that I could keep the exercise thing going if I had a group of people around me. I came upon EmpowerFIT -- the 5:30 am start time was perfect! I quickly learned that the people were just who I was looking for. And, I loved the variety of exercises packed into the 60 minutes. I aim to attend 3-4 days a week (I wish there was also a weekend 5:30 class, but I understand that the coaches need their time off too!). I especially enjoy the days when we work together in teams. The camaraderie and support can really set your day off on the right track!

Since starting the class, I have regained my sense of emotional balance, physical energy, and an appreciation for taking some time (even at 5:30 am) for myself. I may not be able to complete some exercises, but I have the confidence to know that I'll get there. I am building a good foundation and will work towards more reps, more speed, more strength. With the EmpowerFIT coaches as a guide, I know that each morning will be different. I hardly expect to fall into an exercise rut. And, Kelly runs separate "challenge groups" that offer helpful tools for bringing nutrition and a positive, proactive mindset into a healthy lifestyle. I couldn't have asked for a better place to get myself fit again.

Linda B., San Carlos

I have so many favorite things about bootcamp that it is hard to pick one! I love that it is outdoors and the workouts are varied each day. And the people are great...the instructors and the students. I have been taking a boot camp class since my sixteen year old son was a baby, I originally joined to get into shape after having him. I have been with EmpowetFIT for a little over three years. My biggest accomplishment has been getting into good enough shape that I can go out and do just about anything on the weekends and vacation...skiing, hiking, snowshoeing. Stick with it. The first couple weeks are hard, but then your muscles start getting into the swing of things. It is a great way to start the day! And just come to class, don't think about it too will be glad you came.

Kelly M., Palo Alto

My favorite thing about boot camp would have to be the camaraderie amongst my fellow boot campers. When you sweat together in the dark, cold and rain at 5:30 or even 6:30 in the morning, you can't help but bond. I also love that we have a great time hanging together outside of boot camp, either doing races or even better, at happy hour! And I have to say that Coach Larissa is also one of my favorite things about boot camp! By far my biggest accomplishment has been competing in a Spartan Sprint race in August 2014 and a Spartan Super race in June 2015. I would never have even attempted one of these races if Coach Larissa hadn't talked me into it. And to my surprise, my boot camp strength training really enabled me to get through those obstacles. I was a feeble half-marathoner with no upper body or core strength before boot camp and now I can hoist myself up and over a 9 foot wall! My best advice for newcomers is to stick with it for at least two-three weeks when you first start! I could barely get through half of a class when I first started (and well I still have issues with jump rope) but it does seem less formidable after those first few weeks. It has stayed challenging but that's why I keep coming back!

Karen J., San Mateo

I started with EmpowerFIT 5 months post-baby. I quickly found not only a killer workout but a supportive community. The coaches are stellar -- each workout is different and creative and I always feel like I'm being challenged. And for me, being outside is far preferable to a stinky gym.

Martha C., San Mateo

Kelly Scott has been my boot camp coach for over 7 years. In that time she has brought her A game to class every single morning with a brand new, challenging workout. She is enthusiastic, knowledgeable about anything and everything fitness related and incredibly encouraging. I look forward to boot camp each day because I know I will receive a fantastic workout with a coach who cares about my progress. Kelly promotes a positive environment and rallies the campers with good natured team spirit!

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