Kelly Scott - EmpowerFIT CEO & Owner


CEO / Owner

  • NASM Certified Group Fitness Instructor
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • TRX Certified Group Instructor
  • RIP Trainer Certified
  • Independent Beachbody Coach
  • CPR and First Aid certified
  • BA in Sociology

Kelly Scott

Kelly was a competitive cheerleader for 13 years. She was driven to be the best she could be at her sport which is why at the age 15, Kelly became a cheerleading coach! One of Kelly's biggest accomplishments as a high school coach was when she created the criteria by which cheerleaders in the Sequoia Union High School District gained recognition as athletes. Kelly then opened up the first all-star competitive cheerleading gym in Redwood City, where she trained the national champion all-girl and co-ed teams. After 16 years of coaching, she retired in 2009.

Kelly's love for cheerleading led to her interest in becoming a group exercise instructor in 1998. She taught several classes at gyms and corporate sites while she finished up college. In 2007 Kelly, was finally able to reach her goal of leaving the corporate world to work full time in the fitness industry as a group and personal trainer. Kelly loves sharing her knowledge about fitness and nutrition to her clients, family and friends. She continues to attend classes and seminars each year to stay current on all the latest fitness trends and nutritional information.

Kelly has extensive experience coaching boot camp classes as well as online nutritional/fitness coaching, step aerobics, core conditioning, strength training, and TRX classes. On top of her group exercise experience, she also is a personal trainer where she sees about 12 clients a week. Her enjoyment of exercise, along with her passion for training and coaching, is what lead her to EmpowerFIT.

Kelly loves outdoor activities: skiing, camping, traveling, hiking, walking her dogs, and running to name a few. She also enjoys participating in half marathons, 10k's, endurance runs, Tough Mudder, and Spartan challenges and is always looking for a new challenge.

Favorite exercise(s): Boot Camp, boxing , TRX, Rip Trainer, Insanity Max 30, Boxing, and anything that pushes me beyond my limits
Least favorite exercise(s): Push ups
Favorite healthy food: Eggs!
Favorite cheat food: Chinese
Greatest Fitness Accomplishment: Stepping outside of my comfort zone and successfully completing Tough Mudder in June 2015 in Tahoe.
Biggest fitness roadblocks: Not being so obsessed with eating well and working out 24/7. It's addicting when constantly trying to “practice what you preach”
Current Fitness Goals: To continue on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and not over indulge on the weekends (follow the 80/20 rule)!
My Words to live by: Work hard and play hard
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