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Boot Camp Program

EmpowerFIT’s Boot Camp is a total-body conditioning program that includes cutting edge fitness instruction, nutritional education and team motivation. We welcome everyone regardless of fitness level, gender or age.

Each EmpowerFIT boot camp class is packed with a series of fun ever-changing exercises created specifically to strengthen your body, increase your cardio fitness and transform your physique. We are best known for the variety of exercises, equipment and activities in our classes and the fun team environment we create through partner and group activities and challenges. Because of this, our participants never bore of our workouts, which means they come often, remain consistent and ultimately see and feel life-changing results.

A few months into boot camp I changed my approach to food through the 21 Day Fix, Shakeology, and online accountability groups with Coach Kelly. The 21 Day Fix isn’t rocket science, but it is an easy to follow way to manage your portions and eat clean. By adding Shakeology into my daily routine, I was able to stay focused and see great results. My worst time is in the afternoon between lunch and dinner. I get so hungry that snacks don’t usually cut it, and I end up eating food I shouldn’t. Shakeology is really filling and is the perfect food to get me through until dinner, even making sure I am not too hungry while cooking for my family.

Our expert coaches, all of whom are certified personal trainers, will take you through an energizing mix of calisthenics, resistance training, jump roping, crunches, obstacle courses, sports drills, par courses, hill running/walking, agility and power drills, stair climbing, partner drills, group challenges and more. EmpowerFIT’s coaches work with the varying fitness levels of each participant to ensure everyone is challenged appropriately given their current fitness level.

Our support goes beyond the workouts themselves as we educate you and give you suggestions for healthy practices and goals. We endeavor to help create lasting, healthy habits for all of our participants.

As an EmpowerFIT Boot Camp participant, you can expect:

• Increased physical and mental power, strength and endurance

• Dramatic improvements in your energy levels and self-confidence

• Loss of inches, a firmer body, and a smaller pant size

• Improved athletic performance

• To feel grounded, balanced, healthy and happy — no matter what your age or fitness level

Don’t just take our word for it. Read what our participants have say about EmpowerFIT Boot Camp.

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