EmpowerFIT Boot Camp FAQs

What is EmpowerFIT Boot Camp?

EmpowerFIT Boot Camp is a total-body training program designed to empower participants of all ages (16 and up if accompanied by an adult) and abilities to take their health, fitness and life to the next level. Our training includes body weight and performance based activities that focus on developing power, strength, speed, agility, balance and endurance.

How is having an EmpowerFIT Boot Camp membership different from a gym membership?

Most gyms just don’t provide the level of fitness instruction and accountability needed to get results like EmpowerFIT’s Boot Camp program. Our coaches make the effort to get to know you including your fitness level and fitness goals. We strive to challenge you at your fitness level and push you to the next. Because we personally know each of our participants, we will hold you accountable to attending and push you at the appropriate level. We aim to educate you so that you feel well equipped to make the best decisions for your health. Most importantly we strive to create a team environment in (and out) of class so that you have a support system in your journey to healthy living.

Your EmpowerFIT Boot Camp membership includes:

• Premier fitness instruction from our expert coaches at a fraction of the price of a personal trainer

• Dynamic, comprehensive workouts using a variety of equipment to keep you challenged

• “In class” and “out of class” personal guidance and motivation

• Connection to a group of like-minded fitness enthusiasts

• Nutritional guidance and fitness tips

• Access to a variety of fitness education resources, including newsletters and information on local health and fitness events

How is having an EmpowerFIT Boot Camp membership different from attending another fitness program or working with a personal trainer?

You are not a number to us. We invest in our clients and endeavor to keep you as life-long members. We hire trainers that are knowledgeable, inspirational and personable. We are always open to feedback and work to meet your expectations. Different from personal training, we provide group motivation that you won’t find working one-on-one with a trainer. We are more affordable costing only 10-15% of what you would pay a trainer for this level of instruction. This means you can train with us more often and that means results!

Do I get credit for referring someone?

Yes! And we THANK YOU for the referral! Current members will receive $20 off their full-priced monthly membership fees when they refer a new campers that signs up for one of our monthly memberships. Please email info@empowerfit.com when you refer a new camper so we can make sure to credit your account.

How can I try it out?

We invite you to try out our class, using our Free One Day Trial. Click here to sign up!

How do I register?

For more information on the registration process please see our Membership Options page.

How many days per week should I attend camp?

If you are just starting out, 1 day per week is advised. After several weeks you can start adding a second day as your body is ready to progress.

What types of exercises does the EmpowerFIT Boot Camp program include?

Each EmpowerFIT workout is designed to help you achieve peak performance and provide you with incredible support at the same time. Our ever-changing workouts combine calisthenics, resistance training, sports drills, and core work to shape and strengthen your muscles and increase your cardio fitness.

Examples of activities include running/walking, weight training, medicine ball work, jump roping, crunches, obstacle courses, par courses, hill running/walking, relays, team challenges, agility and power drills, stair climbing, partner drills and more. During each session, we’ll teach you about proper form, training intensity and core stability.

Our workouts embody a “functional fitness” approach designed to make you quicker, stronger, and more agile – whether you’re training for a triathlon, a rugby tournament or the daily activities in your life.

How many coaches will I have?

EmpowerFIT is committed to maintaining a low boot camper to coach ratio to ensure that you get the hardest workout you deserve. One coach leads each EmpowerFIT Boot Camp workout and another coach is staffed as the class size requires it. Larger classes are split into smaller groups by fitness levels (you get to choose your group).

What if I am training for a fitness event or participate in other fitness activities?

Not only will EmpowerFIT Boot Camp compliment your other fitness activities, it will also enhance your athletic performance. Our unique combination of cardio, resistance, and agility exercises works every muscle in your body and is guaranteed to enhance your strength, endurance and power. In addition, our coaches can give you exercises specifically targeted to your sport or event and/or put together a customized training program to help you reach your goals. We offer monthly memberships or class passes so if you are “in season” and need a modified boot camp schedule, you can still attend as your training program permits.

What if I’m out of shape?

EmpowerFIT Boot Camp is designed for participants of all ages, abilities and fitness levels. We will never ask you to complete exercises that go beyond your capacity! We are here to support you and to ensure that you feel like you’re part of the team. To that end, we ask you to inform us if you ever feel like you are being asked to do something you can’t or don’t feel comfortable doing. Additionally, coaches demonstrate both high-impact and low-impact versions of exercises and vary the intensity of workouts on a daily basis to minimize fatigue and injury.

What kind of nutritional guidance will I receive?

Upon registration, you will receive a welcome packet that provides you with fitness tips, nutritional info, and a sample Shakeology packet. You will receive weekly emails with additional nutrition information and “in class” tips. You can also ask your coach for nutritional advice at any point during the program. We also run nutrition challenges throughout the year to teach you how to eat clean, proper portion sizes and help you set up a daily meal plan for success. Finally, EmpowerFIT includes recipes and nutrition tips in each of our newsletters, weekly emails and via social media to give you ideas for incorporating healthy eating into your active lifestyle.

What types of people are members of EmpowerFIT Boot Camp?

From reformed couch potatoes to marathoners and tri-athletes in training, we have a wide range of participants in our program. You can find college athletes, new mothers and fathers as well as grandparents. Most campers have some history of exercise, but it’s not required. We welcome people of all ages (16 and up if accompanied by an adult), abilities, and fitness levels.

Will I be sore after the workouts?

You may feel some soreness for the first 2-3 days or even during your first week of camp. After that point, it generally is slight to moderate. This is a natural part of the process that lets you improve and build muscle tone. To help you deal with sports-related pain, we’ve developed partnerships with a several local Certified Massage Therapists (CMTs), Chiropractors and Acupuncturists who are trained in helping to reduce these side-effects of training. Please ask your coach for recommendations and special offers for our clients.

Why should I participate?

Along with enjoying dramatic physical improvements, EmpowerFIT provides you with a supportive fitness community and introduces you to others who share your passion for a healthy body and a balanced lifestyle. In addition, our boot camp program instills a sense of energy, confidence and balance that you carry into the rest of your life. While you can expect short-term results, our program is designed to give you the tools and inspiration to achieve long-term wellness.

What other programs or events are included or offered?

EmpowerFIT regularly hosts group challenges and educational or community events designed to give you the resources you need to enhance your health and fitness, contribute to the community, and socialize with other boot campers outside of our daily workout sessions. You will receive more details about new programs and special events on our website and in our email newsletters or via Facebook and Twitter.

When can I expect to see results?

Although every person is different, most EmpowerFIT boot camp participants experience a loss of 1-4% body fat after their first month, along with marked improvements in speed, agility, and endurance. After your first week of camp, you will most likely notice a significant boost in your energy level — not to mention your self-confidence! Remember to give yourself time to achieve your goals and set realistic expectations. Fitness is a lifetime journey so enjoy the process of becoming and being fit! BONUS: Sign up as an Annual Unlimited Member, and receive FREE quarterly body fat consultations with Owner and fitness expert Kelly Scott as part of your membership.

What should I bring to camp?

5-10 pound hand weights for women and 8-15 pound hand weights for men. In addition you’ll need an exercise mat, a water bottle and running shoes that have been purchased in the last 3-4 months. Finally, we ask that everyone bring their positive energy and “go get ’em” attitude so that class takes on a positive and productive tone.

Where do we meet?

EmpowerFIT’s Boot Camp classes take place at Central Park in San Mateo to refresh and invigorate you while you work out. There is plenty of parking. Please review our Locations page and Calendar for daily meeting locations or refer to the Welcome email you receive upon registering with us for the first time.

What happens if it rains, will class be held?

Our classes are held rain or shine so be prepared for rain by wearing a water proof shell on top and bottom and a ball cap or hood to keep the rain off your face. Some locations have small covered spaces that the coaches use to conduct parts of the workout but we do tend to head out in the rain for some of the class. If the rain is severe, the coach may choose to cancel class. Cancellations do not occur ahead of time because the weather can change quickly and we don’t know how rainy it will be until class has started. When a class is cancelled, those using a Limited Membership or Single Class Pass can have their classes credited back to their account by emailing info@empowerfit.com.

How much does it cost?

Many people describe EmpowerFIT Boot Camp as affordable personal training in a group environment. The registration fee ranges from $124-$179 depending on the type of membership you select. Please refer to our Memberships page for more details.

What is the refund/credit policy?

All membership and class purchases are final. If you are unable to use your membership or classes due to a medical or family emergency, please contact our main office at (650) 242-5073 to review your options.

When can I start?

You can start today! Once you’ve purchased a membership or class pass, you can begin scheduling classes and join us at camp immediately. When purchasing a membership you’ll have the option to select your start date and your membership will begin from that date forward until it expires. Expiration is based on the membership you purchase.

What if I have other questions?

You can always call us at (650) 242-5073 or email us at info@empowerfit.com. We are more than happy to answer any questions that are not addressed here or elsewhere on our web site.

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