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At EmpowerFIT, we believe that fitness and nutrition are equally important in terms of your overall wellness. This is why we aim to educate our participants so that they can make sound nutrition decisions and improve their overall health and athletic performance.

As much as 80 percent of your weight loss results can come from eating the right foods at the right time and in the right proportions for your body.

One of the first things EmpowerFIT Owner, Kelly Scott recommends to her clients is to start eating small, balanced meals every 3-4 hours. By doing this you increase your metabolism and reduce hunger which prevents you from over eating and making poor food choices.

Because we know that eating every 3-4 hours can be difficult with a busy schedule, we researched and found the most amazing meal replacement drink on the market so that you have a quick, convenient, portable and affordable meal at your finger tips. This health drink is called Shakeology! Read more...

EmpowerFIT also offers the following nutrition resources to its members:

• Healthy recipes and eating tips via our weekly coach emails

• Nutrition challenges which incorporate specific goals and guidelines for maximum fat loss

• Body fat, weight and circumference measurements — ask your coach about this service

• Food journal review — write a food journal for one week and your coach will review it and give you feedback

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