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Coach Kelly and Shakeology is a proven recipe for SUCCESS !! In a one month challenge of adding Shakeology to my regular boot camp training, I have reached 50 percent of my goal to reduce and firm my stomach! Definitely try the chocolate flavor blended with banana. You will be amazed at the results.

-– Lisa M.

I have had the privilege of training with Coach Kelly Scott for 7 years. She is the most awesome personal trainer and coach imaginable. Her workouts are always varied, interesting, and challenging. She actually is much more than a personal trainer: she has helped me modify my diet to reach my health and fitness goals. Toward that end, she started me on a regular SHAKEOLOGY routine, and the combination of training with her and drinking SHAKEOLOGY quickly yielded the following results: my weight dropped 25 pounds from 195 to 170, my total cholesterol dropped 15%, my bad cholesterol dropped more than 20%, and my migraine headaches — which used to debilitate me — have almost completely disappeared. I now sleep better, look and feel much younger and healthier, and I am more productive at work. I cannot thank Coach Kelly enough. ;)

-– David M.

I started drinking Shakeology over 3 years ago to help with weight loss and cravings. Not only did I lose weight, I actually feel better. Shakeology has a ton of vitamins and nutrients in it that I need. It has made a huge difference in my overall health now that my body is getting the supplements it needs. I was blown away with by how simply drinking one shake a day made getting results like this 10x’s easier.

Shakeology has also helped with my headaches and arthritis. I’m in a lot less pain and I never thought that was possible! Since I eat more like a teenager than an adult, it has been the best meal replacement I could have asked for. Shakeology has filled the void in my nutrition I’ve been missing.

Thanks to my Coach Kelly, I drink my shake every day and I can proudly say that my husband drinks them with me now too! I would highly recommend Shakeology, especially to women post-menopause because it has helped balance out the hormones in my body and, along with training 2x’s a week with Kelly, it has helped me get in the best shape of my life!!

-– Debbie E.

Coach Kelly’s recent 21 day challenge was just what I needed to get back on track with my nutritional and fitness program. The accountability group with Kelly's coaching tips and group support provided a very motivational and supportive community. I've also found Beachbody's 21 Day Fix with handy food containers and nutritional planning to be an easy way to stay focused and fit and I have continued it as part of my daily lifestyle. Between the Challenge(s), Shakeology and my boot camp participation, I am more fit and energetic than ever and I highly recommend participating in Kelly’s online challenges like this for anyone trying to make a positive change in their life!

- Shelley P.

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